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Welcome to the Special Education Program Approval System

This system is used for approvals for three different criteria:

Public Placements of Special Education Students in a Private Day School
ED-P Programs in Public Education Agencies
Educational Placements for Residential Treatment Centers


If you are opening before August 17, 2020, and plan to accept publicly enrolled students, ESS will need certain information regarding distance services for classroom models.

ADE/Exceptional Student Services (ADE/ESS) is providing an update based upon the recent Executive Order (2020-44) issued by the Governor. This order states that all schools are required to delay in-person classes for the school year until August 17, 2020. This means that any publicly enrolled student cannot attend private day classes physically to follow this order.

ESS will apply flexibility with private school approvals considering Executive Order 2020-44 if private schools supply the Department with a basic description of how special education services will be provided through remote learning until in-person instruction/services can continue. This information should be provided into the application as a file upload addendum in PDF format for review. ESS will expect a similar classroom structure and size virtually so that a student can transition back in-person into the private day school site. It would also be expected that private schools will have in-person classes begin for publicly enrolled students on August 17, 2020, or on the first date schools are permitted to resume in-person classes under any subsequent executive order.

Applications may be returned for the edits to be incorporated. If you have not completed the submission of the application, please be sure to get these additions incorporated before you finish the application.


For ED-P and Approved Private Day School information go to and click Private Placement

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Please note that Victoria Naser is out of the office on leave. For private day and ED-P questions, please email